Welcome to Design Innovation and Simulation Lab (DISL) at The Ohio State University

Mission Statement: Innovation is the essence of engineering design.  The mission of DISL is to systemize design innovation by incorporating both (quantitative) Design Science and (qualitative) Design Art aspects into the design process. To achieve the former goal, we are building high fidelity reduced models, fundamental synthesis theories and high performance computational algorithms that focus on the early (upper-stream) design stages when most innovations occur.  To achieve the latter goal, we are developing smart human-computer interfaces and advanced simulation tools that facilitate engineers bringing their experience, creativeness and intuition into the design process. We aim to integrate these synthesis algorithms and the human-computer interfaces into a highly intelligent and highly interactive expert system. We also work closely with industry and national labs on applying these powerful tools to a broad range of design applications where kinematic mechanisms play a central role.

To know more about research interests at DISL, please visit DISL Youtube Channel.